InSinkErator F-HC1100SN Indulge Contemporary Hot and Cold Water Dispenser sale price

InSinkErator F-HC1100SN Indulge Contemporary Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, Satin Nickel

Enjoy InSinkErator F – HC1100 Contemporary Hot Water provides instant filtered near boiling water and cooling in one system. Designed for use with a water tank, stainless steel InSinkErator stainless steel (SST – FLTR), and a bucket of cold water (CWT – 00) (both sold separately), room with a lever with cold water to drink. through a filter and a lever that dispenses hot water near boiling filtered water for a variety of applications.

Convenience and Luxury in Your Kitchen
Sleek, elegant, and are involved in the creation of a pleasure to contemporary hot water dispenser once the envy of all others. Featuring rugged construction, all brass faucet contemporary InSinkErator F – HC1100 Instant Hot Water is available in 11 designer finishes to complement your kitchen decor. It’s the elegant, high quality rail for convenience feature is especially useful for filling large jugs and pots. As an added benefit of hot lever automatically shuts off while the cool lever remains on for easy access to and use hands-free.

Hundreds of Uses In Your Home

Consider how often you heat water in the kitchen. When you do, you will know just how useful it can instantly hot water dispenser in your kitchen with a 200 – degree Fahrenheit in the boiling water at your fingertips, you’ll get more done in less time. Instead of waiting for water to heat it, you’ll be able to finish the job in seconds countless kitchen and relax or get back to your guests.

InSinkErator hot water dispenser for no more than filtered water for preparing food and drinks for immediate use in the kitchen, it is also incredible. Use it to loosen a stubborn jar lid, pasta, baby food, clean saucepan, warm crusty, butter, cream, melted chocolate, I eat fruit for a pie, cheese graters, ice cream spoon, hot water and warm pancake syrup. These are just examples of the many applications of instant hot water dispenser.

Hot Water Instantly, How Does That Work?

When you activate the lever on InSinkErator instant hot water heater, your water supply comes from the line of filtration systems designed to assure you of our fresh water as possible. Then out of the tank 2 / 3 gallons of heating it to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The water used will be replaced by more fresh water. With the fast recovery, it can transmit up to 60 cups of boiling water in an hour.

When you activate the lever, water cooler, water cooler filtration system to travel directly from the tap. Just pull the lever, hot or cold, to distribute water to your tank, chilled InSinkErator (CWT – OO) may also be used with pleasure and with the series of hot / cold as water temperature in the delivery of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the chilled water close to boiling hot water, and SST – FLTR them.

Easy to Install
InSinkErator F – HC1100 Contemporary instantaneous water heater will save you time and effort in the kitchen, and you’ll enjoy discovering new uses for it each day. That’s why millions of people are using InSinkErator instant hot water heater. Follow the instructions step by step, you’ll soon be enjoying the comfort of instant hot water.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice
Hot water with SST – FLTR consumes less power than a 40 watt light bulb left on for 24 hours and costs just pennies a day to work. And because the hot water supply with the demand of the amount of water you need. This reduces the waste water.

We Come To You Parts and Labor Warranty

F – HC1100 is backed by five years, we come to you in Home Warranty Service. If you ever have a problem with your hot water system to serve as an authorized InSinkErator come to your house and repair or replace, the cost to you.

Note: Use the elements of a third party taps or spaces that are guaranteed to all cylinders InSinkErator InSinkErator.

Technical Details :

  • In-Sink-Erator hot and cold water dispenser in satin nickel finish
  • Provides instant near boiling water with the touch of a lever and automatically shuts off when the levers are released
  • Spout swivels for added convenience; made from durable all brass construction
  • Has the capacity to produce 60 cups of hot water an hour and includes easy do it yourself installation
  • Back by 5-year in-home service warranty

Product Description

Insinkerator – F – HC1100SN satin nickle handles hot and cold water dispenser Lever 2 / 3 gallon tank capacity 115volta.c., 750-watt dispenses 60 cups per hour at 200 degrees, filtration systems include 3 year manufactuer and F201. Warranty service in the home.

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