2006 Mongoose Pro Wing Elite Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

2006 Mongoose Pro Wing Elite Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (20-Inch Frame)

In 1974, products, BMX, Inc is known as the Mongoose bicycle was launched from a humble garage first of its kind, the BMX bicycle was named after bicycle motocross and was designed to fit. The rough and tumble of dirt racing pastime that took its toll on a bicycle wheel and a heavy one-piece cast aluminum wheels, mongoose Motomag be soon and it would have to compete with BMX bikes available before the next day. While in Australia, pursuing his love of motorsport came into contact with big cats, animals, strange and unusual – mongoose, known for its passive nature while unprovoked. But rock and aggressive enough to kill a threatening Cobra twice the size of the Mongoose impressed Hess, who quickly registered the Mongoose trademark for bicycles. Frame of his race.

Expert BMX bicycle model, which is still today the cornerstone of the Mongoose BMX was introduced in 1980, soon after, Mongoose captured the first ever National Title ABA Cruiser 1 previously known for the bicycle 20. inch, this is a sign that the direction of Mongoose bicycles, large versions of adult-size wheels, Several years later, Mongoose continues to dominate the racing circuit with six National No. 1 Name of the vessel that led to the introduction of adult size. mongoose all terrain bike (ATBs).

In 1992, Mongoose pioneered the full-suspension market with the introduction of the amplifier. This design still has the best suspension design has been copied in the market. Several years later, Mongoose launched the Newman adult bicycle, which proved to be 15% higher than the other bikes on the market designed to work while also raised eyebrows because of the distinctive sounds of

In the next few years, Mongoose increased focus on marketing to dominate the bicycle industry, and more important, extend beyond it. The Mongoose brand marketing initiative makes more than 100 million impressions. Brand recognition of the weasel jumped over 130% in 1999 and set the number 2 position in market share in units and dollars, Mongoose was acquired by Pacific Cycle, LLC, and continues to grow and prosper with more than 40 formats. of BMX, Mountain Trail, freestyle, jumping, comfort bikes, road and cyclocross.

Product Description

The stealthy paint scheme Pitch Black, 100 millimeters of plush front suspension and an advanced four bar rear suspension system, the Mongoose Pro Elite is ready to hit the right wing out of the box. The bike is designed to be a formidable and versatile, Elite Pro wings are designed to cope with a variety of varied terrain with ease – including single track, technical climbing and just cruising around the area. s bike, 3.5 inches of soft But the journey is effective and the best overall weight will allow it to easily climb like a nimble mountain goat. To ensure that the exciting descents stop when you want it to disc Tektro mechanical brake comes up on a bicycle brake system of advanced easy-to-one or two finger braking system and the brake cable car standards, instead of Hydraulic fluid does not need to worry about brake maintenance is not complicated. Other great features include a sturdy 24 – to drive the speed Shimano, alloy double wall, fat rims, and trail hungry 26 x 1.95 inch tires.

Feature Details

  • 100 millimeters of plush front suspension
  • 3.5-inches of supple, yet efficient rear travel
  • Optimized 1.95-inch tires
  • Comfortable riser bar
  • Mechanical front and rear disc brakes

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