Hunter 25518 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan best price

Hunter 25518 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Chestnut/Maple BladesIdeal for use throughout the year, Energy Star Summer certified Breeze Hunter ceiling fans are designed to fit your decor, reduce the cost of cooling the quiet life of the times. Finally, the classic-style 52-inch five-blade fan, this makes for an ETL in a large room. Be installed quickly and easily and comes with a downrod, 3-inch diameter, 3/4-inch.

Energy Efficiency Everyday
Hunter ceiling fans are designed for energy efficiency in everyday life, which means that they can get better performance using less power. Ceiling fans, others may claim the low-watt motor. But they move less air. Opponents to compromise with the angle of the rotor and the surface area through which fans are even less effective Thankfully, Hunter ceiling fan with precision Craftwork motor, one of its kind for the movement of heat and appropriate movement. air

Exclusive WhisperWind MotorWhisperWind motor found in the summer breeze ceiling fans keep the air moving in a powerful performance with whisper quiet so you get the cooling power you need – no, you do not.

As with motors, Hunter, WhisperWind the copper motor temperature rise is balanced on each roll. This eliminates hot spots for increased reliability and longevity of the motor. In addition, motor, precision engineering, large and small ball bearings that offer less resistance and friction for virtually noise-free operation. And a more powerful motor and propeller, to facilitate the flow of cooling air to the motor and to ensure long life.

This combination results in the Hunter, particularly the automotive technology to improve efficiency by 15%, 20% longer life, less noise and 20% to 47% savings on cooling costs.

Savings Without Sacrifice
Similarly, Hunter ceiling fans, Breeze summer, you can save up to 47% in cooling costs. To put this in perspective, wind from the Hunter ceiling fan will keep you cool at 82 degrees relative to where you want to be at 76 degrees without a ceiling fan. This means you can set the temperature of 6 degrees higher, and reduce your energy bills in half – without sacrificing comfort. The Summer Breeze in the summer to cool or run clockwise in winter to circulate hot air.

Energy Star Rated to Save You Money
Provide you with maximum savings, Summer Breeze ceiling fans bear the Energy Star label, which is reserved only for products with superior energy efficiency. These products generally help you save up to 33% on heating and cooling costs when compared to models that do not have the label of Energy Star products, the Energy Star tangible benefits that you will use less energy. than spending less money and less concerned about harming the environment.

Durable Fan is Easy to Install and OperateMade to perform beautifully for years to come, fans of the suspension system features a hunter is a triangle, which reduces torque for maximum stability and wobble-free performance. It also comes with a set of three positioning system installed, so you can hang the fan in the standard position, flush or angle, for convenience to the standard chain, the three-speed allows to modify easily. and fast.

Built to last, Breeze summer, with the support of Hunter’s famous Lifetime Motor Warranty.

About Hunter: Building the Best Since 1886
Long before the widespread use of electricity, people around the world, the Hunter ceiling fans for comfort cooling Today, Hunter combines the heritage of the art in the 19th century by the designers of the twentieth century. 21, and innovation to create high-quality ceiling fans that look great and work quietly, and Hunter, to ensure that all products in the comfort of their homes – air, moisture, temperature, portable fan. and bath exhaust fans – are as hard on the inside they are beautiful on the outside – just like every Hunter fan since 1886.

Technical Details:

  • Whisper wind motor
  • AVT hanging system
  • Installer’s choice 3-position mounting system
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • 5 Maple/chestnut blades

Product Description

Fan Hunter 25518 Summer breeze ceiling fan with three speed network to pull the motor Brushed Nickel and classic style makes the Summer Breeze is perfect for large rooms, ceiling fans, this is a collection Breeze season. heating and indoor UL standard rated summer Breeze, as well as 3 “(3 / 4” Interior diameter) Pole.

Read more or check price here : Hunter 25518 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

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