Nikon Coolpix S6000 14.2 MP Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix S6000 14.2 MP Digital Camera with 7x Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Silver)From the Manufacturer

Nikon Coolpix S6000’s compact, fast and modern and efficient, with an incredible 14.2 megapixels, 7x optical Zoom – Nikkor ED glass lens for stunning prints as large as 20×30 inches, movies with amazing quality HD (720p) and incredible, LCD monitor 2.7-inch bright color makes it easy to assemble and share photos and movie cameras, Coolpix S6000, the concept of the Nikon EXPEED image processing, and 4 – way VR systems, image Stabilization, the picture is incredible. the camera is incredibly easy with a new image of Nikon Coolpix S6000 is smart; Automatically take a picture when your subject will not be able to reduce their skin color, and warns you if they blinked.

Quick response, a powerful 7x zoom and a sleek design for flexible picture-taking and beautiful photos

Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera highlights

Compact, stylish Coolpix S6000 combines a start time, the rapid rise to power of the zoom, 7x, and a variety of functions, the camera automatically improves image quality and benefits of the camera, Nikon EXPEED innovative. The concept of digital image processing. The sleek design of the camera, Coolpix S6000 that photographers can capture the beauty of modern elegance.

Camera Coolpix S6000 packs a 14.2 megapixel image sensor and precision 7x, ED glass optical zoom lens into the body at some of the same level of coverage .* 28 mm wide-angle and macro shooting from as close. is 3 cm (1.2 inches), this enhances the creative possibilities of the camera lens Coolpix S6000.

Coolpix S6000 comes with a high speed auto focus and performance of the Ultra – fast start up time of 0.75 seconds, which allows users to maintain their expression of a lifetime.
In the compact camera with 7x optical zoom lens has the ability to measure a wide 30mm (35mm format equivalent) or less to 29 December 2009 (according to research conducted by Nikon Corporation).

Nikon Coolpix S6000 Feature Highlights

EXPEED digital imaging technology
How clever of Nikon in the digital imaging technology. From capture to processing, the Nikon EXPEED comprehensive concept of digital photography, covering the transfer of more than EXPEED image processing engine; It is a revolution in digital photography.

High-Definition movie recording

Entertain audiences with movies that capture the impact of the scene with HD. The Coolpix S8000 can shoot up to 1.5 hours* of HD movies (720p) with sound at 30fps. HDMI output is also available for easy in camera playback on your TV or computer.
*Recording stops automatically after 29 minutes. This figure is based on in-house testing standards and stated for recording at 25°C with a fully charged EN-EL12 battery. Actual results may vary greatly depending on factors that include differences in ambient temperature, and the amount of zoom and autofocus operations used.

Four advanced image stabilization features ensure sharper results

Offset the effects of camera shake to realize sharper results and contribute to the experience of shooting with more confidence, stability VR lens, allowing you to enjoy capturing special moments without worrying about slight hand movements, high ISO 1600 capability at any image size up to a maximum of 4320 x 3240 pixels, allowing faster shutter speeds when shooting in low light or shooting fast-moving objects. Motion detection to automatically control the shutter speed and ISO settings to compensate for the movement, as well as camera shake. Advanced help control natural beauty and photo flash, flash, even when subjects are backlit or when shooting telephoto, adding more sensitivity to the use of shutter speeds are slower. Advanced control with Flash, users can shoot with greater flexibility in the night and on subjects far away.

2.7-inch, 230k-dot TFT LCD featuring Nikon’s Clear Color Display

High quality 2.7-inch color display for clear camera Coolpix S6000 wide-angle look at the special anti-reflection coating and brightness adjustment screen. The structure of the screen reduces reflection and improves visibility for more vivid image clarity and outdoor play.

Nikon’s Smart Portrait System with Skin Softening

As part of Nikon’s imaging software, a set of advanced functionality, allowing the production of consistently good images. The skin is soft to the skin on the face of the subject by taking advantage of the technology, Face Detection – detection by as many as 12 faces in a shot, Face – priority AF will allow the production of images. satisfied by adjusting the focus and exposure. Time, I will faithfully record precious moments to automatically release the shutter when the subject smiles. Flashing warning alerts the photographer when the suspect was a twinkle in the function of proof Blink shoot five frames in order to save one’s eyes are wide open. In-camera Red-Eye Fix automatically fixes red eye, fix red-eye effect of recognition before shooting to memory.

Subject Tracking
The automatic tracking of human faces, and then continue to track and focus on the subject. Particularly useful when the kids where they go naturally, to follow up even function if moved out of the box and send it back within three seconds.

Nikon Coolpix S6000 Other Features

  • Macro shooting from as close as 3 cm (1.2 in.)
  • 16 scene modes for optimized shooting in various settings
  • Scene Auto Selector
  • D-Lighting
  • Quick Retouch
  • Auto Sort function
  • Approx. 32 MB of internal memory
  • USB charging via Charging AC Adapter EH-68P/EH-68P (AR) or PC
  • HDMI connectivity

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