#>> Harman Kardon HKTS 20BQ 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System ✔★

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Harman Kardon HKTS 20BQ
Elegance and Performance in an Affordable Home Theater Speaker Package

Designed to Entertain for more than 50 Years
Using extraordinary industrial design, innovative technologies and meticulous engineering, Harman Kardon audio experts have created products to deliver the ultimate listening experience for more than 50 years. From the world’s very first high-fidelity receiver in 1954 to today’s high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth

Harman Kardon HKTS 20BQ 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System (Black)amplifier design, the Harman Kardon brand has led the way to the finest audio and video quality possible. With a complete package of performance, design, flexibility and ease of use, Harman Kardon products are perfect for all the sounds and visuals that modern, high-definition digital content has to offer. So treat yourself to the ultimate at-home listening experience–one that only a Harman Kardon system can provide.

Elegant Performance

Prepared to be stunned. Featuring an elegant, high-gloss black finish and a new, sleek satellite and subwoofer, Harman Kardon’s latest home theater loudspeaker systems are the ultimate expression of performance and design. Based on looks alone, the new HKTS 20BQ would be a stunning centerpiece for any high-performance home theater. Luckily, Harman Kardon’s passion for great audio has made the new HKTS 20BQ sound even better than it looks. And thanks to advanced engineering and design, it delivers audio far larger than its size would lead you to believe. Paired with a high-performance receiver, the HKTS 20BQ is an elegant step-up solution to your television speakers or a typical “home theater in a box.” In addition, its beautiful design fits into nearly any décor. Use the included wall brackets to hang the satellites from the wall as part of your interior design. Don’t want to hang the speakers on the wall? Optional black speaker stands (HTFS 3) are available to bring your HKTS 20BQ satellites to perfect ear height. Breathtaking looks and stunning sound-–you get it all with the new Harman Kardon HKTS 20BQ loudspeaker system.

The Sound for Today’s High Definition World

Exceptional sound quality takes advanced engineering. To deliver an extraordinary listening experience for today’s high-definition entertainment, the HKTS 20BQ satellites and subwoofer have gone through Harman Kardon’s world-class engineering and design process. This process gives the HKTS 20BQ system the performance of a system costing many times its price, unlike many other entry-level satellite speaker systems.

Soft-dome Tweeters Reproduce Accurate, Detailed High Frequencies
Each satellite is a two-way design, featuring a 3/4″ soft-dome tweeter. The soft-dome tweeter is strong but lightweight enough to reproduce high frequencies with detail, accuracy and clarity. The tweeter rests in Harman Kardon’s advanced Constant Directivity waveguide. Simply put, this waveguide ensures an incredibly wide stereo image over a large listening area.

Midrange Drivers Serve Up Vocals with Realism

For increased midbass response and smooth, realistic-sounding vocals, each satellite employs a 3-1/2″ midrange driver that is both strong and lightweight. In fact, for the most clear and distinct movie dialogue, the HKTS 20BQ actually uses dual 3-1/2″ midrange drivers for the center channel.

8″ Powered Subwoofer Rattles the Room
No high-performance home theater would be complete without a powered subwoofer. The HKTS 20BQ uses a rigid, high-excursion, 8″ woofer powered by a muscular, 200-watt amplifier. The woofer’s rigid design allows it to move but hold its shape without bending. And since the woofer is relatively small, the HKTS 20BQ can deliver deep, substantial bass from a sleek, compact cabinet. If you want to enhance the HTKS 20BQ’s subwoofer performance to your preference, a phase switch, level control and bass boost are all included. The result is maximum movement with minimum distortion, and a home theater experience that you don’t just hear but also feel.

Even Installation Is Simple

Whether you’re doing it yourself or a professional is doing it for you, the HKTS 20BQ is easy to set up and wire. High-quality, gold plated connections on the back of each speaker allow you to use high-performance speaker wire, while the powered subwoofer uses a line-level LFE (low-frequency effects) connection to attach easily to today’s 5.1-channel and 7.1-channel surround-sound receivers. The LFE input even has an “audio sense” circuit to turn itself off automatically when you’re not using it. And if you’re using the included wall brackets, you can attach them effortlessly to the bottom of each satellite and rotate them so you can precisely dial in the best speaker placement.

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