#>> RCA BRC3108 10-Inch Portable Blu-ray Player ✔★

RCA BRC3108 10-Inch Portable Blu-ray Player, Blue/Black

From the Manufacturer

You can watch it anywhereThe BRC3108BRC3103 Closed

Their places in the movie, not a destination BRC3108 CAR see. If it is relaxing at home or in the car perfect for your needs Blu-ray. It is to go small and light, but let’s see your favorite movie on a large scale. The game also has ten-inch LCD screen to provide smooth frame rates, high quality images on the fly. The player is a Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and JPG files. BRC3108 has a built-in stereo speakers and headphone port% u2019t Packages must win% u201D% u201Cextras enjoy making foreign films.

Ways to connectIt’s Compatible! It Connects

Recharging is a breeze with its built-in rechargeable battery for use anywhere. The RCA BRC3108 has an AV output jack and also has car power and AC adapters so you can use it at home, in your car, or on-the-go. It also comes with features (listed below) that attach to your car for clean storage. The headrest attachment is the most popular feature since then kids can stay occupied during long trips.

storage in car
A Smooth Look

The 10-inch screen means you have a perfect balance between having enough space to view your movie details but with less weight to carry. The sleek rounded edges and ability to compact makes the BRC3108 easy to grab, hold on to, and pack. Why buy a full-size Blu-ray player when the RCA BRC3108 can easily hook up to your home screen to play your Blu-ray discs and DVDs – and takes up less space? It has an HDMI 1080p output delivering the highest resolution digital video and audio – perfect for home use.

Carrying BagWhat’s in the Box:
  • Remote Control
  • Carrying Bag with headrest attachments for car-use
  • Car power and AC adapters
  • AV cable

Technical Details:

  • Built-in rechargable battery
  • HDMI 1080p output
  • Built-in stereo speakers and headphone jack
  • Car power and AC adapters included for use at home or in the car
  • Carrying bag with headrest attachment for car use

Product Description

Share your favorite movies in high definition you comfortable in bed and sunbathing by the pool or on long trips. Now you can convert the movie to see dreams come true BRC3109 RCA portable Blu-ray. The game also has ten-inch LCD screen, smooth video frame rates, the best picture possible – on the road. Player in stereo speakers and headphone jack, so you do not have to worry about packing anything “extra” to take care enjoy the spectacle of foreign films. The player is compatible with Blu-ray, DVD, CD, also appears in JPG files. Use your laptop at home and use the HDMI connection and 1080p AV connector. BRC3108 has all the accessories needed to use at home or abroad, including the power adapter, car adapter, bag, head, and a remote control. Their places on the film to end.

Read more or check price here : RCA BRC3108 10-Inch Portable Blu-ray Player

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