Best Canon XL2 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder

Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder w/20x Optical ZoomPanasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder with 10.6MP Still and 12x Optical ZoomSony HDR-FX1 3-CCD HDV High Definition Camcorder w/12x Optical Zoom

HD camcorder is one of the main leaders in a hurry. The cameras are the hottest in the film industry or documents. High-resolution camera is available on the market are many, but few are worth mentioning. They are:

– HDV Camcorders Canon XH-A1 – Sony HDR-FX7 – JVC MiniDV and GYHD110U – Panasonic AG-HVX200.

Camcorder Canon XH-A1 HDV

This is the Canon XL H1 is like his older brother, Canon XLH1DV behave. If the dark is a good option for those who work in high-resolution camera. But a small side street. You have no lenses to see a larger version. Customers are a little “skeptical 30F and 24F frame, but some are difficult to solve. Design the evil eye and the camera is quite heavy. But it is always good, ESP, student budget documents.

Sony HDR-FX7

Sony FX7 is described in a consumer society. VID CMOS disposal to make a good impression on the light. In the dim light of his recent bad breath. However, you can replace the XLR and outside noise.

JVC MiniDV Camcorder GYHD110U

Interchangeable lenses, and the number is almost identical to the HDV Canon XH-A1. This is a 16x Fujinon ProHD lens. What is a progressive video at a resolution of 720p, but does not provide for the recording of interlaced video. The resolution is almost the definition of the XH A1. If you buy this flexibility is that the shooter cameras and lenses, JVC GYHD110U position.

Panasonic AG-HVX200

This camcorder uses a patented technology to save the tapeless P2. This DVCPRO DV tape, but can not have a memory card or a flat-screen Panasonic P2 external DTE will be saved. P2 card can be recorded without interruption and delays in transmission, because the relationship between the P2 positions. The device is based on the change in pixel resolution to 3 3.1 “CCD with high resolution 500K pixel gross.

Different administrations have different needs for professional HD cameras. The choice is yours. E “, directed by the needs of beginners to choose a car. The car is worth the money?” This guide is the judge.

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