Baume & Mercier Men’s MOA8692 Classima Automatic Chronograph Watch

Baume & Mercier Men's MOA8692Baume & Mercier Men's A8688Baume & Mercier Men's 8790Baume & Mercier Men's 8731

Baume & Mercier deceased has his farm law, and after hundreds of years of deprivation and disruption, said that the concept of high quality and low price should be, that consumers are completely satisfied.

16th Century, Technology, Geneva, began to germinate. At that time, family Balm, willow Franche-Comté understand the importance of production, it is founded an adventure Step Baume family in 1542 and George in the operating room, and later to define, Jose Luis Balm of the factory and began to foreign markets . expand

Baume in 1893 won the highest award in the competition Kew Observatory Tourbillon at the clock, which was without a button and the growth of success on the international market Balm

In 1912, William Baume, Paul Mercier, who was the Russian aristocracy met and became a pilot in the famous clock at the same time in Geneva, in fact, it is hard to imagine two people with different personalities, to be together William Baume is conservative and concerned about the honor, his name was Paul Mercier was very full of energy and power, and is very interested in art and began to cooperate formally in 1918 Baume & Mercier was then born.

Cooperation in the implementation of the character, and in 1912, Baume & Mercier has the highest award of Geneva in Geneva emblem of the Republic and have the honor was undoubtedly the greatest proof of the quality and timeliness of the operation Baume & Mercier products.

According to a representative of Italy, Baume & Mercier, Piaget began to work together and established global distribution network and focus on the development of new technologies and change the clocks back together, building the best reputation and the “development of the general public on the Baume & Mercier success .

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