Best Price Hitachi W6V4SD

Hitachi W6V4SD 4,000-RPM Collated Screw Driving System

Hitachi W6V4SD 4,000-RPM Collated Screw Driving System

Hitachi’s new screw guns offer a heavy duty 6.6A motor with over 750W of input power. Runs on 4500 RPM and the simple depth adjustment nose makes consistant driving accurate everytime. This tool also offers an all new body and handle made from soft and du

This system can drive screws ranging from 3/4 to 3 inches without any attachments. Depth control is achieved by the surelock fine adjustment, and bit life is deeply enhanced with the patented LOX drive system. This system has 12 points of contact between the bit and the screw, so the heads do not strip out. This tool runs at 2,600 rpm and comes complete with a case, LOX bit, Phillips bit for dry-wall screws, no-mar tip and sub-floor tip.

  • Features a no-load speed of 0-4,500 RPM and a max torque of 81.5 in-lbs, ideal for faster fastening applications
  • While other tools require multiple attachments for different length screws, the SuperDrive system is ready for work given it fastens from 3/4″ to 3″ screws with the provided module
  • Equipped with an innovative tool-free depth of drive adjustment that requires only a press of a block and a turn of the knurled wheel to increase or decrease the depth of the screw
  • May use a LOX Bit System that provides 8 contact points between the bit and screw, which requires less down force from the user to maintain torque and contact, minimizing fatigue
  • Powerful 6.6 Amp motor (750 Watts of input power)
  • Body and handle of the screwdriver are covered in a soft, yet durable elastomer compound, which provides a comfortable and slip-resistant grip
  • Handle of screwdriver is angled outward in order to ergonomically conform to the users hand for extended use
  • Belt hook incorporated into the body of the screwdriver adds convenience
  • Large 2-finger trigger is designed for comfort and control during operation and can be locked-on for continuous use
  • Gear case and inner cover are constructed out of aluminum to add durability and increase tool life
  • Plastic cover keeps the gear case from being scratched or damaged during extreme use
  • 24.6 ft power cord is unusually long to allow movement without the hassle of relocating to different power outlets
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