Best Price COX 41006

COX 41006 Tuck Point Applicator One Quart Capacity

 	 COX 41006 Tuck Point Applicator One Quart Capacity

ox Applicators model 41006 is designed for mortar and tile applications. Scoop or pour material into tube for dispensing. Package includes standard nozzle, grout nozzle, tube, and turbine mixer (for mixing anything from paint to concrete). Product Details 1 quart capacity tube Mechanical advantage 12:1 Body made from die cast zinc alloy T-rod for easy loading

I had great hopes for this product because the amount tuckpointing of my 50 + years old limestone ranch house needs. I have been using Rapid Set (brand name) grout mixture into the applicator. The problem is, the mix is designed to set up in 10 or 15 minutes, so you work fast, thin the mixture a little and block the use of very cold water things down, or the applicator can slowly.

For the occasional use of this product is good. I understand now why we offer some of the other units (moreexpensive) have a drill or motor powered augar to keep things flowing. When you get a clog, your work stops and it can be a mess to clear and start over, also tiring & tedious if you are on a ladder.
The mixer wand that comes with the applicator is very nice, I’m very glad it was included. Tip: use some heavy grease or lube on the inside lip of the nozzle cone so it won’t stick to the barrel cylinder, I learned this the hard way when it came to the first clean-up time.


Manufacturer’s SKU :    41006
Manufacturer :       Cox Sealant Applicators
Shipping Weight :   4.0000
Condition :     New
Manufacturers Warranty :    1 Year
Return Policy :    Repair Only
Addl Specs :     * Capacity: 1 Quart
* Application: Bulk
* Mechanical Advantage: 12:1

Product Features:

  • One Quart Capacity Tube
  • Grants a mechanical advantage of 12 to 1
  • Incorporates the wear compensating device which greatly extends the life of your tool
  • designed to trowel or pour material into tube for dispensing
  • A rubber plunger placed between steel plates of the plunger prevents reverse flow of materials
  • Body is composed of a die cast zinc alloy
  • T-Pull pod is designed for ease of loading
  • The catch plate is made with high quality steel and ensures a high thrust rate
  • Turnable barrel allows application around corners
  • Thumb activated instant pressure release allows you to easily remove pressure and reduce waste while caulking
  • Now comes with an on/off non-drip device which helps keep your work area clear of messes
  • All component parts are replaceable
  • Packaged in Retail Box
  • Tuck Point Nozzle, Grout Nozzle, Tube and Turbine Mixer Included
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